2 Types of Violations

Caused by Malicious Shortened URLs

Clicking on Malicious Shortened URLs may lead you to a risk situation. Some black hats may hide dangerous URLs with a URL Shortener Service so their victims can feel free to click. So, if you are wonder on its safety, you can Unshorten to see the full URL, then you may need to scan it.

2 Types of Dangerous that caused by Malicious Shortened URLs


  1. Hidden Virus / Auto Virus Code
    • Destination Website is having been embedded with the virus code, when you pass through the shortened URLs, your device will be damaged by the virus. Some case, the virus is built for stealing users’ personal information, destroy the files, or contain malware ads.
  2. Phishing / Fake Website
    • Destination Website is a fake website. For example, Fake Facebook Log-in page, Fake Bank Website, Fake Apple Account, and etc. If you type in the username and password, you may lose the account and money.


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